Saturday, November 6, 2010

Diggin' on Damask challenge in the Moxie Fab World

Ok...this is my last post for the day. My first time entering a challenge for this particular blog. I made this card for Diggin' on Damask challenge in the Moxie Fab World. Totally new to it. Oh well, here goes..

I just simply love those porcupines(are they porcupines? They do look like one). I just love 'em to pieces. Tooooo cuuutteeee~~ aren't they? Ahh...gotta continue with revisions. (The thing that i dislike most is = theory subjects!) Wish me luck!

Mojo Monday - 163

Okay...this is my second post for the day. It's crazy i know. Well, like Cindy said once..once you have the mojo flowing it just flows! Ha! I'm glad that i'm able to maximize my time i have here today. Glad i could even participate for this challenge!

Also I guess you can see that i'm so into this stampset from Basicgrey. It's my favorite! I've been using it like for a zillion times! Glad that i bought it when i was released. {heart}it.

Ain't the bird cute? Well what dya think? :D

2S4Y - Sketch 65

I've been wanting to participate for 2S4Y sketches for weeks. Which my only enemy is "time". This is the only thing i don't have. Well, since i do have sometime today so..i was thinking why not? Being in my comfort zone for weeks (that is only looking at financial reports!) suddenly to create something is not an easy thing to do! :D

Well i managed to crack this up after 2hours...the usual (hehehe). Here goes nothing!

I'm still sleepy..i guess i better go have some coffee..

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pink Masculine card

Whoa...look at my blog! I do see cob webs here and there. It's been a long time. Oh warm up my mind, i came across this challenge at Smidapaper on pink masculine card by Cindy! Haha...seriously pink masculine? Anyway here's my take :

I wonder does it looked masculine? Haha....oh well!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

2 cards for 2 challenges

2S4Y - SKETCH 60
ok..Its 11.30pm here. And i can't sleep bcoz of one thing. I haven't submitted my cards that i made for the challenges. Just a short one here. The first one was based on Laura's sketch 60. I've been not really in the mood of card making these few weeks. Don't know why just not feeling so. And this is what i cracked up after 1hr of me fiddling with my papers.

This second card, i made it based on the sketch on Mojo Monday's blog!! Yes.. i admit, it sounds crazy but those mojos...just came pouring in. Oh well, what's a girl got to do? Create and submit! :D Here's my take :

The usual, i'm not satisfied with the colors matched. I felt that something is missing from these 2 cards but i can't tell exactly where. I think i just leave it be for now. Right, and nites~~


I'm wishing to all my muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya! Well, having 3 days of holiday is a real eye opener. I really enjoyed it to the fullest. That is by which i got 2 card orders from my hubby's friends. Well, its been a while since someone ordered. Well, this is what i did.

Sorrry for the poor photo quality. This was snapped by the sender using his handphone camera! Haha...not bad eh?!I hoped she liked it. Mannn i need sleep. I've been doing some spring cleaning today and my whole body is aching. First to "books cupboard". The process will be continued tomorrow. Well, 3 days of holidays was fully utilised to clear scraps of my room :D I need to make way for my hubby to walk and also my text books. Gotta start studying soon. Oh..a little update. I didn't make it for my paper that i sat last term. Oh well, so mean, i gotta resit this december.
Meaning, there will be less cards made, less blogging ( its already L.E.S.S!) and most of all, facebook! Sobs..I'm going to miss all my games! (wink!). Yeah, i'm banned for good untill december! God bless if that time i still know how to cut papers?hmmmm....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Wow! Its been hectic weekend for me. I can never find the time to rest enough. Well, i have received a "soft" warning from my "singseh" again. Sleep early! Haha...i know. Honestly, whether is it age has caught up with me or is it something else? Oh well, God bless me that things around my workplace will change so that i can sleep early! (Don't mean to complain...i better stop)..

This week, i decided to try out Taylor's new sketch. Here it is..this card is seriously inspired by this card made by Cindy! When i looked at the sketch....i knew i would like to try it out this way! :D

Sunday, August 22, 2010

2S4Y - Sketch 59

I don't know what got into me. I attended Cindy's cardmaking class today. When i got home, i just feel i need to create more! (Monday is just around the corner and i hate mondays!) I just sat down as i looked at the 3 cards made in the class. Looking at Kazan's sketch..I made this! Haha....VERY SIMPLE congratulations card for a friend of mine who is getting married next month!

Gotta eyes are forcing itself to shut! Can you see? My hands are not steady taking this pict! Nitezzz!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

TESC 124

Ha...this was sooooo last minute. Came home from work and tada..decided to make a card based on this beautiful sketch by Taylor! BTW, its my first time taking part in this. Thanks to my best buddy who recommend this blog to me. She really encouraged me to take part. So here's my card! Enjoy...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Still alive!

Wow! my last post was about 2 weeks ago? Man...I am a bad blogger. Haha...I just didin't had the time and the mood to create. Well, i suppose that's the setback being in Finance Department! :P

Amidst my "busynezz" a colleague popped the question.."Do you make Christmas cards?" I was like what? Christmas cards in Aug? You gotta be kidding! Well, she insisted on christmas cards. Oh well, today is my doubly bubbly short post. Here's her card. I'm not quite satisfied with the color combo. Oh well!

Till then...nitezzzzz

P.s: I'm preparing a suprise for all my muslim colleagues :D stay tune!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mojo Monday 149

This is my last post and card for the day! I don't know what happened to me. I was sleepy then suddenly something struck my head! "I've not tried out Mojo Monday" challenge. So i got up, and start crafting...So here's my take on the sketch..

After cutting and adhering eveything i realised that the strips were short. Duh! Anyway i gotta sleep. Counting assets tomorrow. Thanks for stopping bye! Nites~


Yoohoo! Today is sunday! Yeah...and i attended a basic scrapbooking class with I-mei at Smidapaper. Glad that i signed up for the class! I enjoyed it so much! Meeting up with other scrappers...oh wow..and also 2 little gals attended the class! They were cute~
Here are the layouts that we did for the class one for my brother's graduation and the other? It was randomly mine! :D I guess through the years i didn't change much huh?

 Also..i also made this today! show you what i did with my new PTI stamps. Loving it!
 Have a nice weekend! Ta~~


Saturday, July 31, 2010


Haha..Finally i get to play with my new PTI stamp sets. Thanks to Cindy for helping me to purchase em! Love it! Well, that i shall keep it for the next post. For now, this is the card made based on Laura's sketch #57 at 2S4Y.
Since today is my best buddy's bday, i decided to make this for her. Oh, before i forget, she loves cows! Haha...TMH, this is for u!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Again...when my brains and my hands do not coordinate. This is what happens. Disaster cards are created! Whilst trying to whip out something for Kazan's sketch 57, i did a few disasters! Finally I managed to squeeze this out. Hope i did manage to interpret the sketch as it is? Wish me luck! ^^

Going out to try out the new Mcdonalds GCB!! ^^

Saturday, July 17, 2010

2 Sketches 4 You

Ok..a short post before i start work. ;) A friend of mine introduced me to this blog. So i decided to try it out. Based on Laura's sketch of this :

A simple sketch but it took me 2 hrs to crack something up. Haha..So here's my take on this sketch! Have to admit what my friend told me. To create something based on a sketch is different with creating something with a color combo. Because, i got lost while trying to match the DSP colors again! The usual...Anyway gotta get back to work! Ta~

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yes, i've been missing in action for quite sometime huh? Rest assured. I'm still alive. Haaa..right after my exam till now, i've been pulling an all-niter daily. I believed it's taken a toll on my aging body. I'm heavily fatigued! I coudln't stand working a day without 2 cups of coffee. Its bad huh? Yeah i know.

Of late, I've been consulting a chinese doctor, ha..guess what was the advise? Correct! Sleep earlier or else your life will be shortened! @@. She's given me tonnes of medicine to consume untill im well again. sobs, sobs, i have to be very selective on my food. No heaty food, no cooling herb tea, no ice cream, no chocs!!

So lesson to be learnt. Take care of yourself! tee hee..Oh well, i attended a wedding dinner yesterday and i made this for my friend.It's a red packet. Rather than just the conventional red envelopes supplied by banks, i was thinking why not i just make one?

Gotta run..auditors are back..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Totally Random

1 day more towards my exam day! "stressed"! Extremely. While i tried to destressed yesterday, i made a card based on the challenge that Kristina posted. Today, I'm enjoying the series that my hubby got from his friend - Top Gear. While i really have no mood to continue my revision, i've decided to write something on my blog.

Yes..i'm really bad at writing. Please bear with me. Over the time, i really missed out few things that i wanted to write on my blog and i ended up forgetting it! For real..i really do have short term memory loss syndrome. :D

This is a card given to me by Cindy. So sweet of her. (ok. she gave it to me quite sometime ago) Sorry Cindy..(You know me L.A.Z.Y) Oh, you should check out her blog! She is really awesome. Her cards are simply nice and up till now, it still makes me drool. She has given me tonnes of papers, ribbons and buttons i just couldn't post it up all here.So glad to meet u and your creations really inspires me a lot!

Next, this is the card i made for H's last day at work. It was so devastating which i will not go into the details. Her last day was not supposed to be on the day i brought it to office for my colleagues to write! is the card i made for her till 2 am in the morning. Sleeping for only 3 hours really makes me so blur the following day at work. I hope she likes it. 
 Sorry for the poor photo quality. It was so sudden that i had to use the handphone camera to take picts of it. I would like to thank Jenn for her die cuts! Also A big thank u to Cindy too. Borrowed the border punchers from her. Without them, i wouldn't have been able to make this card! God bless your hearts.

Oh..i better stop writing. Otherwise i will go on and on. Back to revision (Blech!) Thank you for your sweet comments. It really brightens my day.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Kristina's Color Inspiration Combo No. 3

Kristina has post her next challenge. These 6 colors. Being new and participating in her color inspiration challenges really fun! Its fun to see what the other crafters are doing too! So here's my take.

I hope i got all the six colors here. Choc-yes, deep purple - yes, olive green - yes, celery - yes, pale plum - yes and cream - yes. Here i go for the 3rd color combo challenge! :D

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Top Ten!

Today is really a devastating day for me at work and also a happy evening for me. My card was chosen amongst the top ten cards by Kristina! Oh..this is really a great news for me. There is still a long way to go for me and this is a good start :D

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kristina's Color Inspiration Combo No. 2

Wow! Kristina really did it! This is such an unusual color. Its a real challenge. Well its good to challenge my brains once in a while. Especially when i read too much of finance theories! Hahaha....exam's around the corner. :( So i've missed the first round. So i don't intend to miss this round I intend to take up the challenge! Sooooo...first and foremost i need to thank Cindy. Cindy if you're reading this...thank you for your purple cardstock! Here is my take. I still feel it looks weird. Somethings's missing somewhere but i can't tell where. I have all the 6 colors given. hmmmmm.....:D here goes nothing..Wish me luck eh!


The world's laziest crafter!

yes. ME! I admit i am lazy. My main purpose to start out with this blog was to..track my progress in cardmaking and to have some memories. Just in case 10years from now, i'll be looking back and laugh at my own posts and cards i made! :D However, with my current job and  responsibilities..I seem to be unable to keep up the pace with myself and my blog! Haha..Usually it will be "now onto the card"  then Nites!  Well, think back, that was not the reason why i started this blog.

Hence, today this is going to be the longest post. I was looking back at some of the pictures of the cards i made. Haha..from December 2009 till now. I really have no idea that i could even create something like that and yet my friend was so amazed by it! Here is the card..(yes you may share the laugh! ). Btw..its a shaker card. :D Then the next valentines card was this. 2 penguins :

Its a gatefold card. Again..Its a disaster! Yet, my friends told me ITS nice! Awwwww....the more i looked at it, the more i felt so touched by their encouragement. This was before i got any tools. No embossing, no patterned paper, no border punches and etc. The papers? They were cheap cardstocks and wrapping papers from local bookstore. Then i met Cindy while i was browsing blogs. A very very nice fellow cardmaker. You should meet her in person! Also she is a "kaki kopi" :P.  She introduced me to Scrap-n-Crop an online craft shop! So....i had an opportunity to go down to KL while my hubby attended his business meetings. There i go..stuck for about 2 1/2 hours at Val's place buying nearly the entire (not really entire, but nearly) shop. This is what i made after that.

The recipient, she was so thrilled!! She even commented on my FB account where i posted this card up. I gotta admit. I am bad at matching patterned papers. Till today, I really have no idea what to match with what! Anyway i didn't stop at that. I continued to follow blogs and see what they do. Apparently when i was looking at Hero Arts Blog, I saw one of the card made by Jennifer Mcguire. I was mesmerized by the colour. The ink she used is called distress inks by Ranger. So..I head over to her blog and vola! I learnt few more techniques. Around this time, Smida was opened. Hhahahaha...a real shopping haven for freaks like me! Bought few things there and here is what i produced!

Untill recently, Smida resumed their cardmaking classes again. Guess who was the teacher? Yes..Cindy! My first class, we made a card for Mother's day. It was so fun! Get to play with the cuttlebug!! Below here is the card we made for that class and also the make and take. Its  kinda like a bookmark. Oh well, i gave it to my friend's mom after that. She was admiring it non stop! And it was mother's day...soo.....It's hers!

Nice? Oh..I did some adjustments to my card when i got home. The rose on the butterfly, it wasn't that paper rose. The rose i made in the class, kinda fell off and i couldn't find it when i got home. Oh well, what a girl's got to do. I took out this paper rose i saved from my mom's christmas present and stick it on! Tee hee..
Today i had another cardmaking class at Smida. This time wow...i've learnt a few more techniques! Sewing!

Cool eh? Hot air balloons! This stamp set is from Practicing Creativity. No i don't own any but i wish to. One day when my "craft savings" jar is has passed its margin. stash? If u ask..nothing much. Mostly stamps and very little designer paper pads. As i've mentioned. I have bad taste in matching patterned papers. Still learning how to anyway ;)..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Out of the blue or green?

"Life's short play hard" this is what Reebok says. :D I agree! A good friend of mine is "preparing" herself for her thyroid operation next week. She was so healthy few weeks ago. She told me that the doctor told her that she was too stressed. She needs a break.

Well, i guess we really need a break sometimes? Airasia anyone? Hahaha...Today im going to share 2 cards with you. A farewell card and a 80% completed card for my friend who is going for her operation. This is for you J! Get well soon!!!

Okies..enough of writing..back to revision :S

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blog candy...

Up till today i've been trying my luck to get a blog candy. However with no luck..:(
Tho...i do drool over the stamp sets that they give away....(those were the things that attracts me to join!) Very bad of me oooo...
I haven't been crafting this week. Its closing week! Been looking at the monitor for more than 12hrs. I guess better stop. And i have signed up for a cardmaking class at Smidapaper! Gonna be crafting with Cindy Lee herself! Yay!!!! Will post with what we made in the class then!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy busy busy....

Looking at my should be able to tell how often i actually visit my own blog. Haaa...It's been a crazy month for me. I hardly craft. With my exams just around the corner..the pressure is getting intense.

Ya! I'm going to sit for the last paper of my accounting course! At last!!!!! I hope i do pull through. At the same time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fans whom has been supporting me through my fan page! Thank you so much.

Have a nice day!

Also here's the card i made for my friend's colleague's farewell. This card was so much inspired by Jennifer Mcguire. Oh..she do have lots of great techniques and ideas. You can visit her here: Enjoy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kristina's one layer card challenge

I was blog hopping the otherday, and i happen to chance upon Kwernerdesign blog. Guess what i saw? Yep..Kristina's card made for MACM and also a challenge. The challenge is to make a single layer card. ummm...Well, here's my take. Just a simple one...I stamped the butterfly and i pop it out..:D

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm back!!!!!!!

Whoa there....kinda like disaappeared for good eh? :P. Having a good exercise my fingers on the keyboard for nearly 2 whole weeks!!!! Oh yeah..i have slimmer fingers now. :D
Last week was my colleague's daughter's birthday sooo i made a little something for her ( as u can see a goodie pack with sweets)!!

Next was a card for mother's day!!! This is a card i made for my grandmother. She who was there ALL the time for me. YES! ALL THE TIME! Thanks to her for who i am today!
(i kinda loved the origami lotus i learnt recently. Its my first attempt.) @@..nt bad eh?
Going to bed sooooonnnnn....nites!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Its budget month! I hardly have any good sleep. Anyway i made my first distressed card! yeah! The DP, Heart and the button is a gift from my friend 'Cindy'. Thanks a lot for the gift. Loved them! Anyhow, here's the finished card! Haha...(forgive me for the poor photo quality, still trying to figure out how to use my hubby's SLR) @@..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Being blur.....

What a weekend. Met up with my ex classmate. Had a long chat with her at Starbucks. Had a good dinner at Sg Ara. Guess what we had? One bowl of soup. Yesh..its soup! Its so delicious!!! aaaahhh....

Alright, enough of me. Right before the weekend, someone requested a wedding card. Being so blur (coz i just finished work), i couldn't think of anything. So i went through my stash to see what i have. Oh well, I found one chipboard that my hubby got me when we went to KL. POP! Here's the card. It was so simple that i didn't know why i actually did it. Anyway, my customer loved it. ~~oh well~~..  :D

 Right now, im so hooked on handmade purses. Thanks to my fren's hsemate. She influenced me!! So don't be suprise if  you see me posting some purses!!
Haha..enjoy your weekend! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's been a real busy week for me! Just started work, and its not a 5 day week job. Its 51/2 day week job :).
Its been a while since i posted my last post that was 7th of March.I couldn't imagine more.

Anyway I've completed my "project" that is my brother's ROM invites. Was glad that my future SIL likes it!
I have few photos of my cards that i would like to share today. These photos were taken my friend's pro photographer bf. Really thankfull to him! Thanks a lot  Jason!

Without further delay, here are the cards. Enjoy! (I'm going to bed early. Its been a hectic day for me) Nites

Monday, March 8, 2010


Gonna be workin soon..wonder will i still have time to make cards? Erm...There's a will, there's a way rite?
Been making the wedding invites for my bro. Whoa there..i didn't know that the heat gun could be so HOT! Had to let it cool down before i start to use it again. @@

Had a wonderful weekend. Met up with a fellow card maker, chatted with her and came back. Hubs got me a new cupboard to keep my "treasures" ;) Haa..enough about me for now. Here's a little card i made for my lecturer which i really want to thank her properly. Me passing her paper on the first attempt? I'm as happy as a hamster on a pile of sunflower seeds!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Wooo...what a day! It was so hot that i'd thought i would dip my head into a bucket of ice! Anyway i had a fun day with my grandma..(she was with me the whole day!)

Onto the card. I made this after i saw a dress at the children's department which the color combo was shades of pink! Haha..i'd thought i make one.

Anyway i love the butterfly! (It's so cute).
(Please forgive me for the poor photo quality. Handphone camera!!!)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gettin startin..

Wow..managed to set this blog up. Oh well, im not so much of a writer. Anyway i guess this is the place where i can expand my love for crafts. New to blogging hence..not gonna write long.