Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mi crocheted stuffs!~~~

Haaa...finally, i'm able to share my miserable crocheted erm flowers i think??!! @@
Anyway please don't faint when you see it! Oh well, i was taking a break from the computer (psst i hit 1.2mil record on zuma!) And the next thing i know is that i was crocheting! So here's the end product!
Effect of eyes went = @@. I really see stars all over. So, i decided to create something with paper.  I ended up doing this~~

Haaaa...papers from MME. Ain't it sweet? Yeah i purchased the entire stack that was available on the rack from Smidapaper! Oh yes i did! and i went well broke over it! (Cindy thanx for reserving those papers for me. Without you, i wouldn't been able to get em!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines day to all my friends! Wow..its beeeennnn aaa lllloonnngggg time since im here. Not to worry I'm still very much a alive n kicking! Haha! Well..on my "long" hiatus..i did create. But the things i create are not cards. They are "angpows" (A red envelope that we insert $$ inside in Msia). These are for weddings.

This is one of the envelopes that i created. There are few more that i will share later on. Also I've learn how to crochet from my dear dear friend SL! She is such a great teacher! God bless her heart. I will share my crochet here soon once i've completed it~

Oh..time to Zuma ;)