Saturday, September 11, 2010

2 cards for 2 challenges

2S4Y - SKETCH 60
ok..Its 11.30pm here. And i can't sleep bcoz of one thing. I haven't submitted my cards that i made for the challenges. Just a short one here. The first one was based on Laura's sketch 60. I've been not really in the mood of card making these few weeks. Don't know why just not feeling so. And this is what i cracked up after 1hr of me fiddling with my papers.

This second card, i made it based on the sketch on Mojo Monday's blog!! Yes.. i admit, it sounds crazy but those mojos...just came pouring in. Oh well, what's a girl got to do? Create and submit! :D Here's my take :

The usual, i'm not satisfied with the colors matched. I felt that something is missing from these 2 cards but i can't tell exactly where. I think i just leave it be for now. Right, and nites~~


I'm wishing to all my muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya! Well, having 3 days of holiday is a real eye opener. I really enjoyed it to the fullest. That is by which i got 2 card orders from my hubby's friends. Well, its been a while since someone ordered. Well, this is what i did.

Sorrry for the poor photo quality. This was snapped by the sender using his handphone camera! Haha...not bad eh?!I hoped she liked it. Mannn i need sleep. I've been doing some spring cleaning today and my whole body is aching. First to "books cupboard". The process will be continued tomorrow. Well, 3 days of holidays was fully utilised to clear scraps of my room :D I need to make way for my hubby to walk and also my text books. Gotta start studying soon. Oh..a little update. I didn't make it for my paper that i sat last term. Oh well, so mean, i gotta resit this december.
Meaning, there will be less cards made, less blogging ( its already L.E.S.S!) and most of all, facebook! Sobs..I'm going to miss all my games! (wink!). Yeah, i'm banned for good untill december! God bless if that time i still know how to cut papers?hmmmm....