Saturday, September 11, 2010


I'm wishing to all my muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya! Well, having 3 days of holiday is a real eye opener. I really enjoyed it to the fullest. That is by which i got 2 card orders from my hubby's friends. Well, its been a while since someone ordered. Well, this is what i did.

Sorrry for the poor photo quality. This was snapped by the sender using his handphone camera! Haha...not bad eh?!I hoped she liked it. Mannn i need sleep. I've been doing some spring cleaning today and my whole body is aching. First to "books cupboard". The process will be continued tomorrow. Well, 3 days of holidays was fully utilised to clear scraps of my room :D I need to make way for my hubby to walk and also my text books. Gotta start studying soon. Oh..a little update. I didn't make it for my paper that i sat last term. Oh well, so mean, i gotta resit this december.
Meaning, there will be less cards made, less blogging ( its already L.E.S.S!) and most of all, facebook! Sobs..I'm going to miss all my games! (wink!). Yeah, i'm banned for good untill december! God bless if that time i still know how to cut papers?hmmmm....

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