Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Wow! Its been hectic weekend for me. I can never find the time to rest enough. Well, i have received a "soft" warning from my "singseh" again. Sleep early! Haha...i know. Honestly, whether is it age has caught up with me or is it something else? Oh well, God bless me that things around my workplace will change so that i can sleep early! (Don't mean to complain...i better stop)..

This week, i decided to try out Taylor's new sketch. Here it is..this card is seriously inspired by this card made by Cindy! When i looked at the sketch....i knew i would like to try it out this way! :D


Regina Mangum said...

This is so cute, V! I love how colorful and fun this is. XOXO

Cindy Lee said...

Yay! What a great take gal! You know I love it right??

I hope things are improving for you at the workplace. Sending hugs to you!

vivacela said...

THanks cindy..I hope i did able to interpret the sketch!