Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Its budget month! I hardly have any good sleep. Anyway i made my first distressed card! yeah! The DP, Heart and the button is a gift from my friend 'Cindy'. Thanks a lot for the gift. Loved them! Anyhow, here's the finished card! Haha...(forgive me for the poor photo quality, still trying to figure out how to use my hubby's SLR) @@..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Being blur.....

What a weekend. Met up with my ex classmate. Had a long chat with her at Starbucks. Had a good dinner at Sg Ara. Guess what we had? One bowl of soup. Yesh..its soup! Its so delicious!!! aaaahhh....

Alright, enough of me. Right before the weekend, someone requested a wedding card. Being so blur (coz i just finished work), i couldn't think of anything. So i went through my stash to see what i have. Oh well, I found one chipboard that my hubby got me when we went to KL. POP! Here's the card. It was so simple that i didn't know why i actually did it. Anyway, my customer loved it. ~~oh well~~..  :D

 Right now, im so hooked on handmade purses. Thanks to my fren's hsemate. She influenced me!! So don't be suprise if  you see me posting some purses!!
Haha..enjoy your weekend! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's been a real busy week for me! Just started work, and its not a 5 day week job. Its 51/2 day week job :).
Its been a while since i posted my last post that was 7th of March.I couldn't imagine more.

Anyway I've completed my "project" that is my brother's ROM invites. Was glad that my future SIL likes it!
I have few photos of my cards that i would like to share today. These photos were taken my friend's pro photographer bf. Really thankfull to him! Thanks a lot  Jason!

Without further delay, here are the cards. Enjoy! (I'm going to bed early. Its been a hectic day for me) Nites

Monday, March 8, 2010


Gonna be workin soon..wonder will i still have time to make cards? Erm...There's a will, there's a way rite?
Been making the wedding invites for my bro. Whoa there..i didn't know that the heat gun could be so HOT! Had to let it cool down before i start to use it again. @@

Had a wonderful weekend. Met up with a fellow card maker, chatted with her and came back. Hubs got me a new cupboard to keep my "treasures" ;) Haa..enough about me for now. Here's a little card i made for my lecturer which i really want to thank her properly. Me passing her paper on the first attempt? I'm as happy as a hamster on a pile of sunflower seeds!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Wooo...what a day! It was so hot that i'd thought i would dip my head into a bucket of ice! Anyway i had a fun day with my grandma..(she was with me the whole day!)

Onto the card. I made this after i saw a dress at the children's department which the color combo was shades of pink! Haha..i'd thought i make one.

Anyway i love the butterfly! (It's so cute).
(Please forgive me for the poor photo quality. Handphone camera!!!)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gettin startin..

Wow..managed to set this blog up. Oh well, im not so much of a writer. Anyway i guess this is the place where i can expand my love for crafts. New to blogging hence..not gonna write long.