Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Busy busy busy busy...... ........ ........

It's hard to believe that a person who is not working is BUSY? Yeah exactly. When i stopped working since last year, i was busy with revision. After my exam, I was busy debuting my crochet products and also other products. Now i'm busy making wedding favors for friends and new found customers.Lastly, I'm busy designing my packaging style for Straits Quay Street Market this 31st July!

Sounds hectic? The week before i was in KL, well, i manage to meet up with my bloggy fren Sheerah. Yesh, she took me to this place at Uptown Damansara (I've no idea where, so don't ask) lolx. We chatted, hang out the entire day, spoke to her mom - Aunty Maureen, and i went back to my little nest while my hubby was busy being a cheerleader at Bukit Jalil Stadium. Yes...he attended the event and was there enjoying himself as if he was in Anfield. Picts of the place we were hanging out. ;)

                                                  The sweetest bloggy & crafty pal!

Our KOPI! ;)

 Its a nice place to hang out! Real cool. If you guys do go down KL, please visit this place. You're gonna fall in lurve with this place.

 And..last but not least..what i've been busying about? Here's a sneak peak

Alright..that's all for today!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bookmark craze

Hoo hoo..yep. After my exam i was so into the mood of making good book marks. Reason? Well, when i was revising my text, i realised that the bookmarks i made previously had no quotes or anything interesting for me to look at. Hence, I wasn't even interested to look at the bookmark i made.

I thought, why not i add some quotes? That would be better right? More motivated when you're revising your text? So i made a book mark that is flat enough that it will not jut out from the page i stopped at ( at least i wun spoil my bookmark) and  it has quotes that motivates me. This is the end product!

I also made some with my crochets. ;) Hands very itchy lerrrr....

I'm going for a nap. I had a LONNGGGG day today! See ya!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Street market on 19th

I'm gonna share with you guys here some picts from the street market that i attended on the 19th. Oh well, business was so so. It was the experience that made me happier there! ^_^ Not gonna say much here's the picts.

See the stand where i hung my crochet products? I like em! There were made of recycled items! Uh-huh..Yups totally environmental friendly! Oops..i was taking my lunch when the photographer snapped this photo.

Close up picts of my stand! Muahahaha...

I'm hungry. Gotta run! Till later peeps~~

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What i ate on my 2011 birthday

Haha..Alright, i admit i'm old. Yesterday i celebrated my Big 3*. Oh well, it's not that bad being 3*. Oh well, anyway thanks to hubs and mom, they both took me for a big blast! We went to Bountiful Kitchen for our dinner followed by desserts at Haagen daz. (drooling already?)

Ayam rendang

Goa beach fish masala


Drooling already? Here's the dessert!

 Well..I better stop right here before your table's wet with saliva! :P

Saturday, May 28, 2011

So many things to do with limited time!

Heeya..I'm back to bloggy land (for a short while). Haha..alright, right now i'm in a exam mode. Hence, my mind is so uptight till i can't think or write anything.I've been crocheting in between the breaks i take while revising and revising and my soaps, they are ready to use! I will share the pict of what i did with em! (See so many things to do yet, i don't have enough time! >.<) Good news~I'll be debuting my crocheted accessories after my exam at straits quay and upper penang road! Do wish me luck that my products receive good response. ^_^.

Let me share with you the few of the hair accessories that i've made prior to my "big stress". ;) Till then..Have a nice weekend!

I don't know why, but i like the green one at the top left. I guess its the button that makes it so appealing to me. ( you know, i'm a button freak). Oh yeah..let me share with you the buttons i bought while i was in KL for my revision classes.

These are the few i bought. There are more! Will show ya soon. ;) Taaaaaaaaa~~

Thursday, April 28, 2011

More crochets

Hahhahaha...i've got to admit. I'm in a crochet craze right now. Well, first i don't have any mojo with the heavy pressure that i'm facing right now. Mr Mojo decided to hide untill my exam is over. Oh well, the only thing i can release stress besides zumaing is to crochet. ^_^. 

I've made them into hairbands and pins. I decided to make one for myself that suits my clothes and my style. Yupz, Here it is, sorry i don't know what kind of flower this is, i just crochet and this came out.

The second picture is the variation that i made. Yeah that thing in the center is the button. Wood button! I love them to pieces!!!! Sorry you get a glimpse of what i'm studying HaHa! 
I'ts been a hot day for me, so i'm going to bed early. So till then....stay tuned for my other crochet products *wink*

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Soap making ^_^

What i did last weekend? Besides doing my precious revisions, i went for a soap making class. Exclusively just for me and friend! It was fun. There was a lot of sharing, jokes, laughs and all. The entire afternoon was worth it. And my outcome? Here :

Yeah my soap! I cut it yesterday and now i left it aside to cure. Oh well...i will update soon when i make them again. This time probably i will make one with different flavour. :D

Friday, April 15, 2011

I need a break

Oh! It's been a hectic week for me. Reading a book that doesn't interest me at all. (Finance!!). Yeah wish it is some story book. oh well, this is part of my life cycle. Oh i did something meaningful last week. I thank god for that. I really thank god that my friend's mom decided to drag me along. I will share that experience of mine with you soon!

Today what i wanted to do is not to complain about my revision progress. I wanted to share a card that was requested by my hubby's ex colleagues. I've been looking at certain stampin up demonstrator making some good box. Yeah it did capture my attention and yet i was toooooooooo not in the mood to try anything new. Also when i saw this new technique that Shari was sharing over at Hero Arts blog, i went "WOW". She never fails to make me WOW! Ok. onto the card :

Alright, i admit i'm a horrible photographer. This card has to be photographed this way as the cardstock i used was not strong enough to support the entire weight of this card. Yeah..and you can see my ever famous model right behind supporting the card! I took almost half a day perfecting this card. Finally this is the outcome. I realised something when i made this card =  i don't have enough paper flowers! Aaarrgghh so i just have to make do with my limited supplies. >.<

Oh yeah if you're looking for a song that really rocks your can try listening to this. Yeahhhh this is what i listen to when i'm having a break. Great group, great songs, great voices - to my opinion! Huggssss Hv a nice weekend! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My little productions

Finally! I managed to crochet few types of flowers and turn them into hairpins, scrunchy and brooches! Glad in a way that if i'm able to change them into sales, it would be great to earn extra pocket money for my revision classes in KL? :D (praying hard). Without further ado here's the entire collection of my productions! Enjoy ^_^

I even made my flowers into earrings. Oh well, my as well, introduce to you my model...This is Piggy (i know he is a hippo). 
 Oh well, i've managed to make this much so far. Oh well, more to come! ^_^
If you have any enquiries about any of the hair accessories, please email me at Have a nice week ahead!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Aching arms

Yeah aching arms! During the weekend, i tried to make crocheted flowers! Oh yeah..and Me looking at foreign language books. Oh well, i was looking at the "blueprint" of the pattern. So i really have no idea of what's written. Tee hee..Allow me to share with u the blue print i was looking at  :

The patterned i choose was a small little hat! The initial plan was to make it hanging somewhere around my bag. Anyway I got confused making it. Then the supposedly hat i was crocheting became this :

Oh yeah..3 layered flower! It can be made into a brooch. However, i have other plans for this little flower! I'm gonna stick it onto my hairband. I will share with you when i do that. Please don't laugh if you do see me outside with this flower on my head! Cheerrrss~~ gotta go back revising. Over obessessed with crochet during the weekends, so now i gotta get myself back to my original timetable~ sobsss...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Doing my little part

March 11th 2011, that day i opened my book for the first time to revise. Whilst in Japan, it was their most unforgettable day in their lifetime. Their city was hit by 8.9 magnitude quake, followed by tsunami. This incident left thousandssss of citizens devastated and overwhelmed. So..i made a little campaign, made few sets of bookmarks for sale. If i could sell all of these bookmarks, net proceeds will be donated to Red cresent malaysia for Japan Quake relief fund.

Do you support me? Can email me at if any of you wish to purchase this set of bookmarks. Your kindness makes a huge difference for the victims. Huggsssss.
BTW, i met the most "nicest" lady on FB and she is also selling special edition cards for Japan quake victims HERE and also a new found crafty friend she is also doing this charity drive. You can find her site HERE.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Teehee...from my title anyone will know i'm zumafied. Lately i've reduced my gaming activity. Retaking my paper this coming June. Oh! Wish me luck! Needs lotsa of em..(Ya noe..i'm not really a book worm). Aaahhh...additional information, my dark circles are getting even darker! Yesh..studied like there's no tomorrow. Lolx.
Oh well, me besides studying eating, zumaing, i do create. :D This card was requested by a friend of mine. More weddings meaning more red envelope to make. This "card" is not the red envelope. The red envelope is attached inside of this card because she wanted to write message for the bride. After i finished it, i realised i OVER did it! Oh well, i hope the bride didn't faint when she opened her envelope......
Right now..i'm going to bed. Its calling me. I'm zumafied. Till then.....may the "frog" be with u. (Zuma fighters u'll understand what i mean yea?)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mi crocheted stuffs!~~~

Haaa...finally, i'm able to share my miserable crocheted erm flowers i think??!! @@
Anyway please don't faint when you see it! Oh well, i was taking a break from the computer (psst i hit 1.2mil record on zuma!) And the next thing i know is that i was crocheting! So here's the end product!
Effect of eyes went = @@. I really see stars all over. So, i decided to create something with paper.  I ended up doing this~~

Haaaa...papers from MME. Ain't it sweet? Yeah i purchased the entire stack that was available on the rack from Smidapaper! Oh yes i did! and i went well broke over it! (Cindy thanx for reserving those papers for me. Without you, i wouldn't been able to get em!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines day to all my friends! Wow..its beeeennnn aaa lllloonnngggg time since im here. Not to worry I'm still very much a alive n kicking! Haha! Well..on my "long" hiatus..i did create. But the things i create are not cards. They are "angpows" (A red envelope that we insert $$ inside in Msia). These are for weddings.

This is one of the envelopes that i created. There are few more that i will share later on. Also I've learn how to crochet from my dear dear friend SL! She is such a great teacher! God bless her heart. I will share my crochet here soon once i've completed it~

Oh..time to Zuma ;)