Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My little productions

Finally! I managed to crochet few types of flowers and turn them into hairpins, scrunchy and brooches! Glad in a way that if i'm able to change them into sales, it would be great to earn extra pocket money for my revision classes in KL? :D (praying hard). Without further ado here's the entire collection of my productions! Enjoy ^_^

I even made my flowers into earrings. Oh well, my as well, introduce to you my model...This is Piggy (i know he is a hippo). 
 Oh well, i've managed to make this much so far. Oh well, more to come! ^_^
If you have any enquiries about any of the hair accessories, please email me at Have a nice week ahead!


Auntie Mreen said...

cool...nice work :) Pretty Piggy with the earrings...hahaha real cute :) Look forward to see more of your creation.

Sharon Corn said...

Oooo gorgeous flowers. How much are the flowers without the pin....use for scrapbooking...hehe.