Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bookmark craze

Hoo hoo..yep. After my exam i was so into the mood of making good book marks. Reason? Well, when i was revising my text, i realised that the bookmarks i made previously had no quotes or anything interesting for me to look at. Hence, I wasn't even interested to look at the bookmark i made.

I thought, why not i add some quotes? That would be better right? More motivated when you're revising your text? So i made a book mark that is flat enough that it will not jut out from the page i stopped at ( at least i wun spoil my bookmark) and  it has quotes that motivates me. This is the end product!

I also made some with my crochets. ;) Hands very itchy lerrrr....

I'm going for a nap. I had a LONNGGGG day today! See ya!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Street market on 19th

I'm gonna share with you guys here some picts from the street market that i attended on the 19th. Oh well, business was so so. It was the experience that made me happier there! ^_^ Not gonna say much here's the picts.

See the stand where i hung my crochet products? I like em! There were made of recycled items! Uh-huh..Yups totally environmental friendly! Oops..i was taking my lunch when the photographer snapped this photo.

Close up picts of my stand! Muahahaha...

I'm hungry. Gotta run! Till later peeps~~

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What i ate on my 2011 birthday

Haha..Alright, i admit i'm old. Yesterday i celebrated my Big 3*. Oh well, it's not that bad being 3*. Oh well, anyway thanks to hubs and mom, they both took me for a big blast! We went to Bountiful Kitchen for our dinner followed by desserts at Haagen daz. (drooling already?)

Ayam rendang

Goa beach fish masala


Drooling already? Here's the dessert!

 Well..I better stop right here before your table's wet with saliva! :P