Monday, April 4, 2011

Aching arms

Yeah aching arms! During the weekend, i tried to make crocheted flowers! Oh yeah..and Me looking at foreign language books. Oh well, i was looking at the "blueprint" of the pattern. So i really have no idea of what's written. Tee hee..Allow me to share with u the blue print i was looking at  :

The patterned i choose was a small little hat! The initial plan was to make it hanging somewhere around my bag. Anyway I got confused making it. Then the supposedly hat i was crocheting became this :

Oh yeah..3 layered flower! It can be made into a brooch. However, i have other plans for this little flower! I'm gonna stick it onto my hairband. I will share with you when i do that. Please don't laugh if you do see me outside with this flower on my head! Cheerrrss~~ gotta go back revising. Over obessessed with crochet during the weekends, so now i gotta get myself back to my original timetable~ sobsss...


Cindy Lee said...

Yay!! You've made it! It looks like those they sell outside!! I want! I want!

Sharon Corn said...

so niceeeee....i want too!