Friday, April 15, 2011

I need a break

Oh! It's been a hectic week for me. Reading a book that doesn't interest me at all. (Finance!!). Yeah wish it is some story book. oh well, this is part of my life cycle. Oh i did something meaningful last week. I thank god for that. I really thank god that my friend's mom decided to drag me along. I will share that experience of mine with you soon!

Today what i wanted to do is not to complain about my revision progress. I wanted to share a card that was requested by my hubby's ex colleagues. I've been looking at certain stampin up demonstrator making some good box. Yeah it did capture my attention and yet i was toooooooooo not in the mood to try anything new. Also when i saw this new technique that Shari was sharing over at Hero Arts blog, i went "WOW". She never fails to make me WOW! Ok. onto the card :

Alright, i admit i'm a horrible photographer. This card has to be photographed this way as the cardstock i used was not strong enough to support the entire weight of this card. Yeah..and you can see my ever famous model right behind supporting the card! I took almost half a day perfecting this card. Finally this is the outcome. I realised something when i made this card =  i don't have enough paper flowers! Aaarrgghh so i just have to make do with my limited supplies. >.<

Oh yeah if you're looking for a song that really rocks your can try listening to this. Yeahhhh this is what i listen to when i'm having a break. Great group, great songs, great voices - to my opinion! Huggssss Hv a nice weekend! 

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Sharon Corn said...

its nice la Vi...i love your stamping!! So glad I dont have to study anymore...LOL!