Friday, March 18, 2011


Teehee...from my title anyone will know i'm zumafied. Lately i've reduced my gaming activity. Retaking my paper this coming June. Oh! Wish me luck! Needs lotsa of em..(Ya noe..i'm not really a book worm). Aaahhh...additional information, my dark circles are getting even darker! Yesh..studied like there's no tomorrow. Lolx.
Oh well, me besides studying eating, zumaing, i do create. :D This card was requested by a friend of mine. More weddings meaning more red envelope to make. This "card" is not the red envelope. The red envelope is attached inside of this card because she wanted to write message for the bride. After i finished it, i realised i OVER did it! Oh well, i hope the bride didn't faint when she opened her envelope......
Right now..i'm going to bed. Its calling me. I'm zumafied. Till then.....may the "frog" be with u. (Zuma fighters u'll understand what i mean yea?)


Sharon Corn said...

Vi, this card is sooooo pretty. If I was the bride, I'll be super happy.

Good luck for ur exam ya, happy creating. Am I seeing you for class on 6th April??


Cindy Lee said...

Finally you are back to create!! Woohoo! Such a lovely card with all the beautiful paper flowers!!