Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mi crocheted stuffs!~~~

Haaa...finally, i'm able to share my miserable crocheted erm flowers i think??!! @@
Anyway please don't faint when you see it! Oh well, i was taking a break from the computer (psst i hit 1.2mil record on zuma!) And the next thing i know is that i was crocheting! So here's the end product!
Effect of eyes went = @@. I really see stars all over. So, i decided to create something with paper.  I ended up doing this~~

Haaaa...papers from MME. Ain't it sweet? Yeah i purchased the entire stack that was available on the rack from Smidapaper! Oh yes i did! and i went well broke over it! (Cindy thanx for reserving those papers for me. Without you, i wouldn't been able to get em!)


Sheerah said...

Hi Vivacela,

Thanks for always dropping by blog.... its an encouragement. And man, your cards are awesome!! :D

Cindy Lee said...

You are welcome my dear! I'm glad to see that you are off the computer for a while :) Such a pretty card!! Love love it!

Sharon Corn said...

VI, oh where have you gone missing?

Ahhh, so you were the culprit who cleaned the rack and left me with only a few to choose from...LOL!

Your card is soooo beautiful. Make more pretty things!!!

Auntie Mreen said...

Thks Vi, for visiting my blog and I think I can vote you my most faithful & encouraging visitor :)

Your cards are really beautiful and you are surely a very creative lady :)

Nice little crocheted hearts too :)