Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yes, i've been missing in action for quite sometime huh? Rest assured. I'm still alive. Haaa..right after my exam till now, i've been pulling an all-niter daily. I believed it's taken a toll on my aging body. I'm heavily fatigued! I coudln't stand working a day without 2 cups of coffee. Its bad huh? Yeah i know.

Of late, I've been consulting a chinese doctor, ha..guess what was the advise? Correct! Sleep earlier or else your life will be shortened! @@. She's given me tonnes of medicine to consume untill im well again. sobs, sobs, i have to be very selective on my food. No heaty food, no cooling herb tea, no ice cream, no chocs!!

So lesson to be learnt. Take care of yourself! tee hee..Oh well, i attended a wedding dinner yesterday and i made this for my friend.It's a red packet. Rather than just the conventional red envelopes supplied by banks, i was thinking why not i just make one?

Gotta run..auditors are back..

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Cindy Lee said...

Hope you are better now, gal! So glad that your exam is over now. How sweet of you to a money holder for your friend's wedding :)