Saturday, June 12, 2010

Totally Random

1 day more towards my exam day! "stressed"! Extremely. While i tried to destressed yesterday, i made a card based on the challenge that Kristina posted. Today, I'm enjoying the series that my hubby got from his friend - Top Gear. While i really have no mood to continue my revision, i've decided to write something on my blog.

Yes..i'm really bad at writing. Please bear with me. Over the time, i really missed out few things that i wanted to write on my blog and i ended up forgetting it! For real..i really do have short term memory loss syndrome. :D

This is a card given to me by Cindy. So sweet of her. (ok. she gave it to me quite sometime ago) Sorry Cindy..(You know me L.A.Z.Y) Oh, you should check out her blog! She is really awesome. Her cards are simply nice and up till now, it still makes me drool. She has given me tonnes of papers, ribbons and buttons i just couldn't post it up all here.So glad to meet u and your creations really inspires me a lot!

Next, this is the card i made for H's last day at work. It was so devastating which i will not go into the details. Her last day was not supposed to be on the day i brought it to office for my colleagues to write! is the card i made for her till 2 am in the morning. Sleeping for only 3 hours really makes me so blur the following day at work. I hope she likes it. 
 Sorry for the poor photo quality. It was so sudden that i had to use the handphone camera to take picts of it. I would like to thank Jenn for her die cuts! Also A big thank u to Cindy too. Borrowed the border punchers from her. Without them, i wouldn't have been able to make this card! God bless your hearts.

Oh..i better stop writing. Otherwise i will go on and on. Back to revision (Blech!) Thank you for your sweet comments. It really brightens my day.


Cindy Lee said...

I'm so glad you like the card! I had so much fun chatting with you!

vivacela said...

Cindy! YEs..that card was my favorite! Its really fun chatting with u too! We can chat anytime we want~ :D