Saturday, May 29, 2010

The world's laziest crafter!

yes. ME! I admit i am lazy. My main purpose to start out with this blog was to..track my progress in cardmaking and to have some memories. Just in case 10years from now, i'll be looking back and laugh at my own posts and cards i made! :D However, with my current job and  responsibilities..I seem to be unable to keep up the pace with myself and my blog! Haha..Usually it will be "now onto the card"  then Nites!  Well, think back, that was not the reason why i started this blog.

Hence, today this is going to be the longest post. I was looking back at some of the pictures of the cards i made. Haha..from December 2009 till now. I really have no idea that i could even create something like that and yet my friend was so amazed by it! Here is the card..(yes you may share the laugh! ). Btw..its a shaker card. :D Then the next valentines card was this. 2 penguins :

Its a gatefold card. Again..Its a disaster! Yet, my friends told me ITS nice! Awwwww....the more i looked at it, the more i felt so touched by their encouragement. This was before i got any tools. No embossing, no patterned paper, no border punches and etc. The papers? They were cheap cardstocks and wrapping papers from local bookstore. Then i met Cindy while i was browsing blogs. A very very nice fellow cardmaker. You should meet her in person! Also she is a "kaki kopi" :P.  She introduced me to Scrap-n-Crop an online craft shop! So....i had an opportunity to go down to KL while my hubby attended his business meetings. There i go..stuck for about 2 1/2 hours at Val's place buying nearly the entire (not really entire, but nearly) shop. This is what i made after that.

The recipient, she was so thrilled!! She even commented on my FB account where i posted this card up. I gotta admit. I am bad at matching patterned papers. Till today, I really have no idea what to match with what! Anyway i didn't stop at that. I continued to follow blogs and see what they do. Apparently when i was looking at Hero Arts Blog, I saw one of the card made by Jennifer Mcguire. I was mesmerized by the colour. The ink she used is called distress inks by Ranger. So..I head over to her blog and vola! I learnt few more techniques. Around this time, Smida was opened. Hhahahaha...a real shopping haven for freaks like me! Bought few things there and here is what i produced!

Untill recently, Smida resumed their cardmaking classes again. Guess who was the teacher? Yes..Cindy! My first class, we made a card for Mother's day. It was so fun! Get to play with the cuttlebug!! Below here is the card we made for that class and also the make and take. Its  kinda like a bookmark. Oh well, i gave it to my friend's mom after that. She was admiring it non stop! And it was mother's day...soo.....It's hers!

Nice? Oh..I did some adjustments to my card when i got home. The rose on the butterfly, it wasn't that paper rose. The rose i made in the class, kinda fell off and i couldn't find it when i got home. Oh well, what a girl's got to do. I took out this paper rose i saved from my mom's christmas present and stick it on! Tee hee..
Today i had another cardmaking class at Smida. This time wow...i've learnt a few more techniques! Sewing!

Cool eh? Hot air balloons! This stamp set is from Practicing Creativity. No i don't own any but i wish to. One day when my "craft savings" jar is has passed its margin. stash? If u ask..nothing much. Mostly stamps and very little designer paper pads. As i've mentioned. I have bad taste in matching patterned papers. Still learning how to anyway ;)..


Laura.K said...

I really enjoyed your travel in the past presentation. I like that penguins card.

Have a lot of fun with crafting.

xosparklesxo said...

The penguin card is ADORABLE!!!