Thursday, April 28, 2011

More crochets

Hahhahaha...i've got to admit. I'm in a crochet craze right now. Well, first i don't have any mojo with the heavy pressure that i'm facing right now. Mr Mojo decided to hide untill my exam is over. Oh well, the only thing i can release stress besides zumaing is to crochet. ^_^. 

I've made them into hairbands and pins. I decided to make one for myself that suits my clothes and my style. Yupz, Here it is, sorry i don't know what kind of flower this is, i just crochet and this came out.

The second picture is the variation that i made. Yeah that thing in the center is the button. Wood button! I love them to pieces!!!! Sorry you get a glimpse of what i'm studying HaHa! 
I'ts been a hot day for me, so i'm going to bed early. So till then....stay tuned for my other crochet products *wink*


Sharon Corn said...

Vi, so talented la u....the flowers are just sooo pretty.

I tried crocheting by watching youtube....well it looked like something else...LOL!

Auntie Mreen said...

Vi, nice flower...u r good with that! What kind of yarn are you using?

Btw, I'v put up some puppets if you'r interested to see :)