Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Busy busy busy busy...... ........ ........

It's hard to believe that a person who is not working is BUSY? Yeah exactly. When i stopped working since last year, i was busy with revision. After my exam, I was busy debuting my crochet products and also other products. Now i'm busy making wedding favors for friends and new found customers.Lastly, I'm busy designing my packaging style for Straits Quay Street Market this 31st July!

Sounds hectic? The week before i was in KL, well, i manage to meet up with my bloggy fren Sheerah. Yesh, she took me to this place at Uptown Damansara (I've no idea where, so don't ask) lolx. We chatted, hang out the entire day, spoke to her mom - Aunty Maureen, and i went back to my little nest while my hubby was busy being a cheerleader at Bukit Jalil Stadium. Yes...he attended the event and was there enjoying himself as if he was in Anfield. Picts of the place we were hanging out. ;)

                                                  The sweetest bloggy & crafty pal!

Our KOPI! ;)

 Its a nice place to hang out! Real cool. If you guys do go down KL, please visit this place. You're gonna fall in lurve with this place.

 And..last but not least..what i've been busying about? Here's a sneak peak

Alright..that's all for today!

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Cindy Lee said... that a sneak of your business card?? Nice! And what a cool place to hang out with blog buddy!