Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bookmark craze

Hoo hoo..yep. After my exam i was so into the mood of making good book marks. Reason? Well, when i was revising my text, i realised that the bookmarks i made previously had no quotes or anything interesting for me to look at. Hence, I wasn't even interested to look at the bookmark i made.

I thought, why not i add some quotes? That would be better right? More motivated when you're revising your text? So i made a book mark that is flat enough that it will not jut out from the page i stopped at ( at least i wun spoil my bookmark) and  it has quotes that motivates me. This is the end product!

I also made some with my crochets. ;) Hands very itchy lerrrr....

I'm going for a nap. I had a LONNGGGG day today! See ya!

1 comment:

Auntie Mreen said...

Hi Vi, you make nice cards too :) and what a creative idea...crochet on a clip!