Saturday, May 28, 2011

So many things to do with limited time!

Heeya..I'm back to bloggy land (for a short while). Haha..alright, right now i'm in a exam mode. Hence, my mind is so uptight till i can't think or write anything.I've been crocheting in between the breaks i take while revising and revising and my soaps, they are ready to use! I will share the pict of what i did with em! (See so many things to do yet, i don't have enough time! >.<) Good news~I'll be debuting my crocheted accessories after my exam at straits quay and upper penang road! Do wish me luck that my products receive good response. ^_^.

Let me share with you the few of the hair accessories that i've made prior to my "big stress". ;) Till then..Have a nice weekend!

I don't know why, but i like the green one at the top left. I guess its the button that makes it so appealing to me. ( you know, i'm a button freak). Oh yeah..let me share with you the buttons i bought while i was in KL for my revision classes.

These are the few i bought. There are more! Will show ya soon. ;) Taaaaaaaaa~~


Cindy Lee said...

Hey babe! Those crocheted hair accessories are so pretty!! Do tell me when...I'll go visit you! Oh my! Those buttons are so delish! I love them! Where'd you got them?

Auntie Mreen said...

Inspiring flowers...make me want to try crocheting flowers next :) and nice buttons too! Are they wooden buttons?

Auntie Mreen said...

Oh ya...I try to feedbk to your comment at my blog but I donno why it just isnt working. I think something is wrong some where. I want to TQ for your "AWARD" and supporting & faithful visits.